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My son had come back from abroad to do with college . He as a girlfriend and she attends the same college, he showed us photos he took on his phone and one was of him and his girlfriend in bed and she was topless. My husband gave the phone back straight away to our son as we were both surprised at what we saw. I think our son forgot he had it on his phone. My husband had looked at one of the photos of his girlfriend fully dressed and returned to look again. Im worried he now as her image of her topless in his head and when he sees her again thats what will be going on in his head. We also looked at some work they had done for display at college and one was of her just wearing a skimpy outfit and i noticed he returned to look at it again. He is 48 and i know he as always looked at other women even in front of me. I dont have a perfect body and he must be so used to looking at mine and he as looked at a lot of porn over the years and didnt even stop when i told him to. She is half my age and i know men like younger women.

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