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In my room

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I am 21.
I ve been in one relationship that lasted 3months before i got cheated on.
I am in my room 24/7
I only leave when i need something from the store.
I hate being in my room, i get bored sometimes but i cant leave it for some reason...
I have no friends, literally, i am not exaggerating.
I have no work and I cant try and find a job because i am relocating in about 2months...
I v been where i am now for about 3 years.
I hate myself
How do I stop hating myself and start going out more? I don't know what to do, I am so lonely and alone all the time.
I sometimes feel like there is no point to my life and I just want to end it.

In my room

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Its very hard when you find out that life isn't everything you hoped it to be. And extra things that happen can push us over the edge or make us feel like that. But isn't it good that you found out after 3 months that you were cheated on? Some couples are together decades! and then find out. And I'm not belittling how you feel, but if you felt so bad after 3months, how bad would you feel if it were 3 years or longer! Your next relationship may very well be the best one ever. But how will you find that out if you don't leave your room?
Sometimes when we do the same thing day in day out, we get complacent and comfortable, yes bored, but we feel
our usual routine is 'safe'
But you are so young, you haven't experienced the best days of your life yet!
Leave your room more. Purposely forget some groceries to 'make' you go back out. See if there are any clubs in your area? Don't know what you are in to, but there could be some book clubs or writers group (that's if it interests you) do you like art? Whatever you are interested in check out if there is anything you can join.

There are lots of free online courses Coursera, being one of them, and they have a long list of courses. It may unbore you (don't think thats a word) plus may help with your next job, and will look good on your CV/Resume, showing potential employers that you are doing something.

And why can't you try find a job. Ok you are relocating but you may get a temporary position for the summer months, local shop or restaurant, if you don't try you will never know! And if you do get something, you will meet new people, maybe make new friends.

Life is short enough and yes it isn't always easy, but you were happy once, and you will be happy again!

So sign up for some course and apply for some jobs...and you may feel a little better, it might distract you from your present feelings.

Hope you feeling better soon

In my room

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("It may unbore you (don't think thats a word)". T'is now! LOL. PS: Nice post. ;-))

In my room

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Thanks Soulmate well I have been told I have my own language lol maybe i'll write my own dictionary :D

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