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Advice needed please

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Relationship advice Hi there, newbie to this so bare with me. I'm a 37 yo male married for 5 years and wanting help regarding our relationship as I'm now at a point I'm feeling totally unloved and feel used. I suffer back problems and take lot medication and sometimes forget simple things and yet I feel I'm being treated like a kid. I arrange a nice evening she mocks it, I buy her flowers I'm wasting money and our sex life is dead as she told me that because her kids treat her like a slave that she feels like a door mat that making love to me is last of her worries. Says she loves me but I'm really unsure what to say or do anymore. Do I just walk away?

Advice needed please

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Well, whether you decide to try to fix *anything* that needs repairing is up to you, isn't it? What would you do if, say, the headband on your Beats headphones broke (hairline split)? Wouldn't you try to superglue it rather than just chuck them in the bin and go buy another set?

Have you not tried to talk this situation through with her or suggested couples counselling?

Describe what tends to happen when you arrange a nice evening (and define 'nice evening')?

*Her* kids? Are they not yours?

And how long have things been like this?

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