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Marital issues - marriage lost its charm

I I got married to him and tried to build a beautiful relationship.... Didnt realize when things started upsetting him..  he stopped opening his heart to me... and dont know when... but during my pregnancy mood swings... I began to lose him.. I wasnt worried coz I always thought... after childbirth... v would be much more closer than v r now... as the old adage says... A child brings a couple closer to each other. Little did I know that being a first time mom to a child... I had my own notions and wanted my own decisions on child rearing....which went against his family ways and eventually more against him.... Time flew away taking care of my son... and with each passing day... I only saw him going closer and closer to HIS son and far far away from me... I probably did bridge the gap between me and his family... but couldn't bridge it with him.... A year passed... I felt freer now... but became extremely lonely with him... he became too distant from me... though we slept next to each other every night. We stopped going out... spending time with each other... and restricted to having sex once a month when only 1 day out of 30 days suited to both our moods and desires. I coaxed him to spend time with me which he assumed would equate to taking me out for movies or occasional MONTHLY DINNERS with family and friends... I wanted his time... talking to him... coz for me... he is my ONLY friend.... but he chose to stay away from me as much as he could.... in his own shell... filling hatred and irritation for me... filling my each coaxing and whatsapping chat session as a torture he has to endure all his life... And telling me that he is my destiny even if I cry till the end suffering in this misery of loneliness... friendlessness... lovelessness... Don't know even after truly giving my 100% to this relationship with my full heart and truthfulness... why did he think that I am a THIRD GRADE WOMAN WITH A HEART FUĹL OF LIES.??? I plainly wanted his love and his time and his friendship... which doesn't equate to spending his money always... but not getting either made me ask him to take me out of the house for dinner, drives, coffees, vacations... all those places where a man and woman can spend quality time... which irritated him further... How do I make him open up to me??? How do I make him my husband in the real sense? I am unable to rub my body against him when I don't feel any warmth or closeness from him apart from the eleven minutes we are forced to be close to each other as our body desires more than our heart. Somehow, I am unable to speak up my wishes of going out for fear that he will say something that might hurt me even more. Why are we going far when every favorable condition exists for us to be the perfect ideal couple???

Marital issues - marriage lost its charm

I have learned the hard way there is no such thing as perfect. I would talk to him in a calm manner and see what he is feeling. It could anything and we all go thru phases. I would exhaust the options to make him happy. That's all you can do, I am sorry you feel lonely it is a hard situation to fee disconnected from you significant other.

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