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Is my marriage over?

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I am sitting here so confused. Sad and angry at the same time. I have been married to my husband for almost 16 years and we have had some problems, believe me. We argue a lot and it seems I am always the one that is blamed for starting it. I get called names, made fun of for crying when he says hurtful things, It started Friday night over a movie choice. I had flipped through several that I thought we might enjoy watching together and he didn't want to watch them. Then I gave him the controls and said to pick one he might like. I felt like I was always compromising and don't have a voice. We argued. He ended up slamming a door in my face and calling me a bitch. Then took a drive. I was unable to voice my anger, my sadness or hurt. I eventually went to bed very upset. He slept on the couch. Which hurt me too. I felt rejected. So without saying I was upset when I woke up. Once he was up, I tried unsuccessfully to talk to him, but it just ended up in another argument. He told me how he is tired of all my bitching and how he bends over backwards to please me. I don't think that's true. He is gone all week with work and has one full day at home usually. I am left to deal with all housework. Repairs, yard work and such. I also work full time and take care of our daughter. There are times I feel overwhelmed and like I don't get any help. But dare I say anything? I have and I am told I'm bitching and never happy. Now we have not talked about things for 2 days. Kinda sitting here in limbo. He says things need to settle down. I feel the need to talk. Now what??

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