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Trust issues

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I am married to man I have been with for almost 6 years married for 1. Prior to our marriage he cheated multiple times. We started off odd he knew me before I knew him because I dated his roommate 10 years before I dated him. At the beginning he quite his job and moved in for me. I took care off everything. This is how I found out about the first one. He found a job and moved out and immediately started talking to an ex. I found messages that he loved her yet he never said the words to me. I got over it, then there was another ex he had a 2 year relationship with. This happen because his job moved him further away. So he was able to maintain two long distance relationships when I found out I called and she told me they planned on getting married. The other on was a girl barely legal and he got her pregnant and has a daughter now..I know what u may think but he blamed my previous relationship with his friend as why. Because they are still good friends and I avoid be around them both due to awkwardness. I accepted that we moved on but he keeps close female friends even when I ask him not to. I'm paranoid and go thru everything because the trust is gone...and he admired there where others but those are the really hurtful ones. He says he hasn't cheated since we were married. I know have anxiety issues

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