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Why can't I escape this

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on May 28 2010 at 00:29
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Emotional advice Hi there

18 months ago I broke up with my wife (long story) I started seeing someone from work (I had known them for 6 yrs) The relationship felt wonderful at first but after some months i foundy gf to be rather up and down and called things off. I admit that I was in process of divorce and things all round were difficult, my gf was by her own admission inexperienced in relationship having never had a serious one before.

What has followed has been very difficult, I have reconciled with my wife but I have found seeing my ex gf at work very hard. Part of this problem are very mixed messages I get about how she feels. Let me give an example, last week I arrive at work, I se her briefly and nod hi, the next thing I'm getting emails saying when r u coming to see me, I had about 5 of these in 20 minutes. When I finish what I am doing I go and talk saying I had been busy, all is ok.

The next day. I sent a text and then called her, but was ignored. The day after I had a text first thing asking me if I would see her this day as I was at another location I said I wouldn't, again when I arrived at work I was bombarded with emails and calls.

This week I have tried to talk to her but she denies any games saying she was trying to contact me about work. I have tried to be honest and explain that sometimes the interaction is picking at a Partly healed scab for me, she says she is completly healed and doesn't feel anything.

This is just a brief overview of a long saga, my point being is what is happening here? What can I do to escape all of this.

Thanks for Reading


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