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I've been in an online relationship with this guy for about a year and a half. We met thru Facebook (November 2013) and started messaging each other everyday. We fell in love.. We then met for the first time a year later. (February 2015). We've only seen each other 4 times ever since. I live in Puerto Rico and so did he, but he recently moved to Pennsylvania. I am 18 he is 20. He wants me to move to Pennsylvania with him but i really don't want to. I don't have any family over there and plus he lives with 2 family members and i wouldn't feel comfortable moving in with him and his 2 uncles. So anyways recently this awesome job opportunity popped up for me. If i get this job i have to move to Boston and i just don't see any future between me and him. I don't want to be in a relationship with him anymore because we are never going to see each other and plus he is to possessive he doesn't let me hang out with friends or even talk to them. I cant even talk to my cousin or hang out with her because he gets jealous and honestly i am starting to resent him so much. He has my Facebook password so he monitors everything that i do. Today someone sent me a friend request and i accepted it because it was my uncle and he was furious about it. I really cant take it anymore. I've tried to break up with him so many times and he just threatens me telling me he is going to kill himself, that is the only reason i haven't done it. I am so sick and tired of him. Today i told him that we should break up and stay friends and he just started crying and saying that he didnt want to live anymore and just saying suicidal stuff but i decided to stick with my decision and he went to bed and now its 3am and he is sending me messages begging me to take him back and i just feel so guilty but i really can't take it anymore but i am also afraid he will hurt himself so i just told him to forget everything that i said and to just act normal. What should i do???? I don't want him to hurt himself but i am also hurting myself because i really don't want to be with him. He is such a psycho he logs in on oovoo because i have my oovoo to automatically sign in every time i turn on my laptop so he is constantly checking oovoo to see if i am on my laptop because he doesn't like it when i use my laptop. I hate this :( I am not happy.


He's not going to kill himself and even if he did, it's not on you, it'd be his own decision. But I'm sure it's nothing more than a threat because, as you said, he's a psycho. You aren't happy, he doesn't allow you any freedom, he guilts you into staying with him. Just cease all contact with him. I don't think he even has a right to a goodbye, you should just do everything you have to do to make it so he can't contact you anymore. But if it'll make you feel better, send him a text message or something, then get a new phone (if you just block his number he can always get a new one and he sounds like the kind of guy that would). If he really cared about you, he wouldn't be doing any of this. This isn't love, it's possessive and creepy. And why does he have your facebook password? In the event that you don't take my advice, at least make it so oovoo doesn't sign in automatically so you don't have to worry every time you turn on your laptop. Speaking of which, he doesn't like it when you use your own laptop? :/ You can't even hang out with your cousin without him being jealous... I think the only reason he wants you to move in with him is because he knows you don't know anyone there. So no one will be able to help you out of the terrible situation he wants to put you in. Everytrhing you said about him is a reason to break up and stay broken up. Never give him another chance, either. Even if you do talk to him again in the future, no matter how much time passes and no matter how much he says he's changed, this is what psycho's like him do, literally anything to get you to stay with them or to go back to them. You can't trust him now, or in the future. Seriously, there are so many people who finally get out of a relationship similar to yours, only to go back to the creep after a while because they've supposedly changed, then they realize that they haven't changed at all. Good luck :)

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