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Silver plater and all

We meet online a year ago, were are both single. I'm 65, divorced, 29 years married, she is 68 and was married 46 years to her high school sweetheart from 10th grade. The follow is what she did everyday they were married. She ALWAYS put out his clothes he would wear, daily, to work to play, to go out, the clothing he would wear would be her choice. They matched color when they went out to weddings etc. Before going to work, from day one she would have a glass of OJ, 2 pieces of toast, in napkins, and a full lunch box ready to go, with some sort of love note attached or hidden the the lunch box. For 46 years mine you she did it. Night clothes laid out every nite, with a night drink. Every day he came home from work a drink would be waiting on the counter to be drank. Well day one that we meet she does that for me, from the get go I told her I dress myself, we can discuss colors etc, but she does not need to dictate what I wear. I go to work come home my major activity is volunteering, which calls for 3 Monday 2hours, a month one weekend. She's says her way is real love and I'm doubted that I'm showing love by not buying in to all the silver spoon treatment. All confused ?

Silver plater and all

Is she divorced or widowed? I guess some would call it love. She's a flashback to the 50's Stepford wife, for sure. Most likely she was "groomed" by her upbringing as to what the "little woman" does for her man. Thing is, is that what you want in 2015? You gonna be able to breathe? I don't see her changing, either.

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