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My boyfriend thinks he is perfect

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Relationship advice Hello! Im at the point where I need to make a decision about whether to end my relationship.

My boyfriend, literally, thinks he is perfect.

I had two deaths in my family this year, my Aunty and my grandfather, literally within weeks of each other. My family is extremely close (for which I am truly blessed) but during both times, he was not there for me. Work took priority. To the point where, while he came to the funeral, he went back to work instead of coming to the wake, despite promising he would come and be there for me.

In addition, When these deaths occurred, he didn't ring me, didn't check on how I was going, and his first comment was that he probably couldn't make the funeral because he had work commitments.

Aka zero empathy or care. To put it in context, my family is so close that when my beautiful Aunty died, it was as painful for me as if my mother had died. And i still miss her so much.

When I told him how I felt about this, his response was that 'I don't understand how busy he is and how lucky I am to have him'

I too am very busy - I have a high profile, full time, well paid, executive level and extremely busy job myself, at a very large company where my role is critical to business success. I also have a four year old son (not his son) so am constantly juggling motherhood and career.

This has never prevented me from showing care, love and support for him. But every time he is not there for me and I get upset, he tells me that I am being unreasonable and that I am lucky to have him.

What about me? Don't I deserve the same?

His view is that he is 'the prize' and therefore i shod just be happy to be with him, and that means he need not put in any effort, because I am just lucky he is with me.

Has anyone else had this experience before?

My boyfriend thinks he is perfect

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I Haven't experienced it. But it is a way too much.. You are not unreasonable.. he is.. he should be there at your rough times taken that you are there on his. if he's "the prize", then yo're still not the winner. for you deserved someone better ... better that a price he is.. okay then

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