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Ok so lets just say that I have done many things in not proud of and want to stop doing, but it's hard. It's like what I do is my only escape from my real life and my real emotions and just from myself. Now I'm no felon or anything but that doesn't really justify my situation. I don't really have anyone to talk to about my feelings other than my dogs because I am scared. I'm scared of what I'm doing, what have done, what I will do, and who I've become. I just don't know what to do.

Young and Impressionable

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I know the feeling. Do you get out a lot? Maybe you could go try to make some friends. Find someone you trust or talk to someone without them knowing your name.

Young and Impressionable

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It sounds like you are human! We have all made mistakes, that we are not proud of. The point is to learn from your mistakes and move on. accept your past as there is nothing you can do to change it, your wanting to escape is maybe because your not proud of those things. It's okay, you were younger then an it's a part of growing up. The main thing is you can move forward now.

Draw a line under your past and become the person you now want to be.
Take care :)

Young and Impressionable

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What is it you're doing, singular or plural, that you're not proud or happy about?

Young and Impressionable

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You need a hobby. take a cooking class. School. Focus on something that makes you happy.
You obviously want a change in your life and i promise no body will do it for you, your
dog might take away attention but he cannot give you attention like you need.

Get involved into something to have human interaction. Are you a christan? Go to church,
try it Kid. He does help when you truly let him.

What ever it is that you are doing. At some point someone will catch you. Would you rather
do everying and ANYTHING you can to make a difference in your life?

- talk to someone

there is someone out there who loves you and will help you. Let them. If the judge you
and do not help, then they didnt love you. I promise someone will take the time to care
and make a difference for your soul. Talk to a dang pastor, priest. Rely one someone to take
the load off.

-admit your wrong doings
-plan ways to stop them

I hope everything gets better for you. And you make the decision to become better for
yourself and anyone around you. Know that you are better then the disgust that comes
with this world. You will be ok once you let yourself.


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