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Fight with boyfriend

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Hi its me angogak 21 years old and im so in bad condition i recently fought with my boyfriend before we also fought for one months mostly n now one week ago i fought with him bad because we talking in phone n discussing our previous problem then he said that im not meeting you i said you have to meet me to solve this stuff then he said that other day we will meet then i said then why you contact me if then before he listen my complete sentence he said that you are so arrogant and was saying that do not message and call me else and bye nice life for you and he cut the phone i was calling back to back but he was not answering then he switched off his phone on me then my whole night was on hell then morning i went to his office and said lots off things in crying and return his gifts and blocked him from all social metworks but now im so bad i want to recover my self and will he miss me or not that i went from his life please help me

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