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Manipulative relatives

My husbands brother's widow is constantly trying to Get me to chauffeur her around so she can feel like she has a servant. She is extremely rude and demanding, critical and did I mention. cheap? She has plenty of money but has never had to work - recently she had surgery and needed help so I stepped up. She has no one because she is such a bi--- to everyone. Her behavior toward me was thAt of an angry mistress towed her slow stupid maid. Every conversation or encounter ends up with her mad at me for some slight thing I did not do to her satisfaction. Finally she was well so I stopped calling and I felt FrEE. Now she is getting her friends to call me and ask me over so that I can't politely say no. I've told her friends why I don't want to come but they say they'll be hurt if I don't come. I resent her trying to manipulate me this wAy and just wish she would leave me alone! I can't tell her to bugger off because of the family; but soon I have to deal with the friend and tell her I just want nothing to do with the sister in law! I just need the words , tell Nadine I am not interested and leave it at that? I don't want to appear ride but I cannot stand her any More! I sm too old for john school games !

Manipulative relatives

"I'm not able to be there today . . .' "I have other plans . . . " There are SO many was to decline an invitation. The thing is, at some point, you are going to have to tell HER directly that you want to cool things with your relationship because you don't feel comfortable around her. And she can stop using her friends to do her begging. People like her will move on to others when they can't get their way - OR you are going to be her manipulation 'challenge'. In any case, let husband know that you are officially out of the loop for her beck and call. Fill your days with things that make you feel better.

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