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Inappropriate dark joke

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on Jun 23 2015 at 14:46
Member since: 23 June 2015
Relationship advice My husband and I have an intimate free marriage. We haven't had sex in almost 8 years.

He is afraid of intimacy and always has been and I ignored the red flags of this problem and ignored it because I honestly loved him at the time we were married but knew something was wrong. In a nutshell I am not concerned about that anymore as I plan on starting over in five years once my son's have finished high school.

We spend a lot of time with his family. His sister is a party animal, likes to go out a lot and have fun, and drink. Used to be a bartender. Very active... go go go.

The other day we were out to dinner and standing outside the restaurant. His sister bent down to fix her shoe and my she made some comment about what people might think because she was wearing a dress. Then my husband says, yeah they might think you are giving me a b******b.

I thought that was a strange kind of joke. And just really inappropriate.

I told him I didn't like it and he said it was just a dark humor kind of joke and that it was harmless. Normally he isn't like that at all. I guess it just bugged me because his family is more on the wild side and my family isn't. I guess i'm pretty boring and just normal.

Anyway my question is what should I think of that kind of joke? Am I being too prudish?

Inappropriate dark joke

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on Jun 24 2015 at 11:38
Member since: 25 November 2014
In my opinion, as an old Brit, yes you are, people can't say anything these days fearful of the PC world we laive in. You have an odd marriage anyway. He has his own problems very much, yet you have lived with them so why worry abut his "joke" you called it that.

Inappropriate dark joke

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Jun 24 2015 at 13:33
Member since: 19 August 2014
He's posturing to/in front of his sister. She hasn't a clue that you and he don't have sex. And that's how he wants it. Ergo this is just regular maintainence of his whole counter-impression.

Why, what did YOU think it meant? And why are you even bothered if you've already made your mind up to leave him and by when?

What does, afraid of intimacy mean?

Is he a closet homosexual? Does this further explain why the fake posturing? Because otherwise his entire sexuality might come into question?

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