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My best friends and I

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Hi, I used to have best friends since I was 14. This year so many things happend to me. Which I believe that these things have shown me my real friend. Let me tell you about my problems which let me discover my friends more and realize how much they are selfish and UNreal friends. First of all, I got engaged last year, and I was engaged for about 6 months but unfortunatly we broke up for an unknown reason. I was shocked and desperate. Felt like my personality was changed because of the break up. Then, I tried to change my lifestyle. I decided to work in a kindergarten. I worked there but what happened is that I got fired 3 weeks later. I was trying to change my life and forget about that bad thing " the break up", but I got fired for no real reason. I was frustrated, felt like everything was falling down and I couldn't help it. Then, I came to my friends' part. I was changed a bit due to what happened to me, I confess. But in the other hand they should stand by me an help me to get back to the OLD ME. What happend was really awful, one of my best friends (I have 3 best friends) was away and like if she has nothing to do with me. I was calling her and talking to her ( not necessarily about my problems, I rarely talk about my problems ) but she wasn't calling me back AT ALL unless she wanted to borrow something. Imagine how does that hurt ( when you are in need of you best friend they are not beside you ). I tried to get used to her own way, and consider her as a BEST friend yet. Time passed, and showed me how my old best best friend is not my friend anymore. The Second best friend didn't call me at all, at that time, ( and she is a mutual friend of my first best friend and me ). Accidentally, I discovered that she has got a new phone no. and hasn't told me about it. Although it was with the first best friend, but she didn't tell me about it because ( she doesn't want anyone who annoys her ). That's how did she say these words to me. I was helping her in her problems, I was always beside her and I kept in touch with her and that's how she dealt with me after all??. Now, I will tell you about my last best friend ( who just shocked me yesterday), she had a surgery a week ago. I felt bad that my best friend was suffring. I cried because I wanted her to be fine. I visited her 2 days ago. I discovered that no one was there to keep her acompany and watch her. I asked her if she wants me to stay with her till the midnight, she said ok. I stayed with her although I was really busy and had many things to finish before the next day comes, but I prefered to stay with her and let her be happy. I left her at 2 a.m. . I came back to her yasterday (although I was still busy), and found a friend of mine there. What shocked me was that she was acting as if I was invisible!. She was talking to the other fried, but not talking to me. They were both acting as if I was'nt there. I tried to talk but no one responded. They both were playing with their BB's. When the other friend talked my best friend put her BB down and listened to her. When I talked no one listened. Do you know how was that hard on me? my last best friend is not a best friend anymore. I stayed there for 3 hours then I got out of the hospital, and on my way to the car my tears came out. How can I live without a friend?

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