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Confusing love

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I think I may still love my ex... In 2008 I was 18 looking through profiles on myspace to delete off my account and ran across a profile I hadn't seen in a few years it was this hot guy I'd added when I just randomly added a whole bunch of people but never ended up talking to. I ended up sending him a message that ultimatly changed my life. We started talking for almost every day for a year. He was living in Oklahoma and I was in Louisiana so it was a strictly a verbal relationship for awhile and we got to know each other very well. Then in 2009 he moved back to Louisiana and we finally met face to face. We had a great relationship and 7 months into it I became pregnant with our daughter who I gave birth to in 2010 we were together for 3 1/2 years. His father was a butt and didn't like me because I stood up to him. Then in 2012 he made my ex choose between him or me and our daughter. He chose his dad.... I eventually forgave him and we're now friends. We've been apart 3 1/2 years now. Recently he started reevaluating his life due to his dad passing suddenly last year. We both tried to move on and have dated several other people, he now also has another daughter who just turned 1 & I love like my own baby (our post break up friendship is a strange one) He has been single for 6 months now and I am as of recent. The more I see him the more I wish we could still be together. All our issues that caused problems in out relationship with jobs, money and his dad are no longer an issue anymore so I can't help but wonder if maybe it would work if we tried again. I wonder if we just met too soon and needed to be older and more mature to make our relationship work and maybe try again or if we should just stay friends...

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