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Other advice i am 21 years old i have older and younger siblings
and every time they ignore me or leave me behind
i always feel left out
a couple of days ago it was my sisters birthday and everyone got her presents including myself
and like 4 weeks ago my brother got some kind of award and they all got him presents
and every time they wanna go to the movies they either not tell me or they tell me 1 hour before they leave
also my older brother always buys random things for every1 but not me or he gives me something old
also yesterday was my birthday and no one got me anything or said happy birthday to me
and today my mother told me i noticed no one gives u anything so i told her i dont care but i really do
what should i do


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Don't buy them gifts. Find friends who will show you the respect and help you uplift yourself. Family is tricky and I noticed with my own that if I stop hanging out with them, they start feeling my absence and realize that they have to know their limits with me.

Be the bigger person and respect yourself first and the rest will follow.

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