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Mom of my girlfriend forces us to break up and she blocks me on Facebook

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on Jul 3 2015 at 23:57
Member since: 30 June 2015
Long Distance Relationship advice I have this girlfriend whom i meet online. We do skype, facebook and text. We are in are in a long distance relationship hence she lives a hundred miles away from my place. I am am an apprentice cadet and she is now in OJT as a flight stewardess. She stays at the house of her uncle and aunty hence both of her parents are overseas. At first she told her father about us and then her dad supported us eventhough that her parents told my GF since she brokes up with her ex last January that she will not be get involved to any boys again until she finished her studies. So april our relationship just start. I can say that our relationship is almost perfect because some of my friends and her friends phrases us that they are so jealous about our sweetness. We promises to each other that no matter what will happen, we wont let our relationship breaks. I almost forgot that everyday we do have communication in facebook and txt sometimes Skype. One month later, she told her uncle about us then her uncle supported us to. Until the day passes so fast, two months later (June 10) i realize that there is somethings wrong with her or maybe she was just tired from her work thats why i always understand her situation because when we txt and chat in facebook, it wont took too long and she told me that she was tired and needs to take a rest eventhough its still 8pm unlike before that we sleep until 10 because her work starts at 7am then June 14 she opens up her problem with me because i asked her if why she always says sorry about me. This is her story "June 9 she told her mom about us since she is now in ojt, but guess what? Her mom told her: "Hey Erika, do you think that you are free now? Remember what weve promised back in January, NO BOYFRIEND UNTIL YOU FINISH YOUR STUDY. Ill give you time and choose betwen the two, Study and let go your boyfriend or Boyfriend and you wont recieve any money from us, your atm will be confiscated by your uncle and you wont finish your OJT. Ill give you time to think until June 14". So i told her that you must follow what your mom told you because you promised to her, dont say sorry because its not your fault. We can make our relationship into private thru txt and no commu in FB since her mother just asked her facebook to make sure that we just broke up. She tells me that thats why she always did sleep so early because she always cry and didnt know what to do. Then her mom also tells her aunty to monitor her phone to make sure that i am out of her life. Then June 21 we decided to just cooloff and then we txted sweet messages last June 24, then until that she told me that she will stop communicating me and i tell her its okay i can wait until she finished her study. I told her to promise that she can wait me and then she promised it but not so sure because sometimes she tells me that i cant promise. June 25 i drunk too much because her mom cut our relationship status and my gf is no longer interested in replying my txt messages. She also told me that she added her schedule from 7am until 3am. So i texted my gf but she responds to my txt 8 hours later. I told her why she wont respond and she wont tell me. I was drunk and i accidentally chatted her i was drunk then when shes active she unfriend me on facebook but she follows my public post. I posted "she just unfriend me" then she unfollows me. I told her whats wrong and why she did this to me even if i say sorry to her but she wont respond to my message. She then edits her other pictures which she removes my name and my other comments in her photo. I told.her why she edits it and why she removed my comment but guess what no reply. I txted her that pls stop editing your photo and dont remove the picture of mine which is my feet and she didnt remove neither edit anything. I also found out that she unblock that man who is getting involved to her life. So as what i have seen, she just give a floodlike to a man and the man also gives her a floodlikes. I have seen also that she likes a post about how to moveon. I chatted her since she wont respond to my text and i told her that you can like a mans picture while i just only request to just you accept my friend request and guess what she just SEEN my message and she didnt acceot ny friend request. I told my friend to give her an advice but she blocks my friend. She then txt me that "Hope jake you understand my situation. Please im begging you to stop me because im getting annoyed right now". So i stopped her. I used my other girl account since she is always online and i know that its my gf who uses her facebook and not her mom. What did i do, i chatted that man who i suspected is getting involved in her life before because that man falls on my trap and tells me that my girl is his boyfriend but my girlfriend tells me before that he is just my girlfriends uncle. I told the man abiut it before and he says that they were just Facebook friends. So i chatted the man and he falls again to my trap, he tells me that he was chatting with my girlfriend last June 28. Then yesterday, i just commented in her profile that "you look hot" and then she found out that its my other account so she blocks it and she blocks my main facebook. I texted her that night that what is wrong with you? Why you block me? Then she says "Jake stop me im begging you." please jake please!!". Right now i promised to her that i wont contact her again until January. But today, i realize that its all my fault and I want to text her and Say sorry because its all my fault, i hope that you will unblock me and i promised to you that i wont contact you anymore until January. If i do contact you again, then dont give me a chance. Please erika im begging you to unblock me, its all my fault." should i message her right now or just give her time. She is always active on facebook since she is a friend of my other account. I want to say sorry for what i did but my mind is battling right now because i dont want to do the same mistake again. What gives me chance is she didnt edit her picture and my name is still there and also my feet. Shoud.i message her right away or in July 8 because its our monthsary or maybe give her a few months. What should i do please help me thanks in advance i really need your advice guys because i love this girl very much and i know that she loves me too

Mom of my girlfriend forces us to break up and she blocks me on Facebook

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Jul 4 2015 at 20:13
Member since: 19 August 2014
I'm sorry to have to say (although you clearly HAVE worked it out yourself), but your girlfriend has slowly but steadily been losing interest in your relationship and this result today is what it's come to.

She's welcoming interest from another guy (whilst dissuading and pressuring you from showing yours where it can be seen); you've only got her word for that supposed parental pressure and embargo... I mean, how does it make sense that you're not allowed but this other chap is? It doesn't, does it. And if something doesn't make sense then either it's because trying to get around or pander to a lie or a fear. In her case, it's obviously lie.

So, no, it's not all your fault. It's hers for being dishonest and too cowardly to just come clean about the fact she doesn't want this relationship any more.

Please cease begging and try to show more self-respect. If anyone should be begging forgiveness, it's her. She's increasingly been treating you very poorly.


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