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My boyfriend and I come from similar backgrounds. My parents are very traditional and bealive that a women should loose her virginity to her husband. My boyfriends family is very Christian and bealive that a men and women should stay pure till marriage. But of course me and him are from a new generation...iam 19 he is 18 so it's nothing illegal or out of this world to feel sexual attraction between us. We are both inexperience so the first time that we tried having sex it was hard to get it in and painful for me. We have tried several times and they have all been painful. We have trouble getting his penis in me. We cannot go out and about and buy lubricants we can bearly buy condoms. We leave in a small town where everyone knows each other. I have explore myself to tried and help him out cause it's hard to find that special whole. I do find it myself but it's still hard to get it in. Any advice?

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