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Relationship advice I owe my ex of 6 years some money so I've been paying him in payments.. His current gf is extremely jealous I take and I've gotten a few mixed messages. Our break up was peaceful and mutual. No hard feeling either way. After a very exhausting relationship we were both ready to go our own ways and part. We have both moved on and things couldn't be better .
I only ever contact my ex for payment reasons. Grateful for his help and I'm honored to pay him what I owe. He deserves it! I have zero ill feelings and nothing but the best and most respectful intentions ; however I get messages from the current gf to leave her bf alone and stop stalking him? I'm confused here because I never contact ole boy. I of course ignore and only make contact for payment and I'm done. He seems very happy to receive payment, says thank you and even mentioned that we could meet up at some point. Ummm, not interested in the meeting part so much but I agree graciously. I'm more than willing to remain friends of course. A week later out of the blue I get a threatening messages from his email to stop contacting him and he does not want my money and if I continue a restraining order will be obtained?!? Ok. So I casually laugh it off and say something clever like does this mean we can't be friends? A week goes by I send my next payment things are fine again. He says thank you and everything is fine. I post dated my next and final payments so that no communication is needed only my new account fails and payment is not run through on the date I had wanted. Again I make contact about payment only and advise that I will only have one more payment and be done with it once and for all. Honestly ? How weird does it have to be. I've tried to put myself in her place but I really think I should just leave my last payment and never make contact again. We are both copacetic then I feel the new gf intervenes in a negative way. I am worried about the threats from HER thus not sure if I should leave my payment. Kinda crazy. What to do what to do??? None the less I wish them well and am happy either way.
He hurt me bad throughout our relationship. Sever mental and emotional abuse. Pained.
#onelove #peace


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He now has a jealous GF huh? Well, he picked her. He doesn't know it yet (maybe he does), but he's going to be miserable if she's that controlling and insecure. With that said... Let's go on to your situation...

That's good of you to make good on your financial debt. You mentioned you could leave the last payment and never make contact again... That might not be a bad idea. Why? Because if his current relationship fails, you can bet he'll want to contact you. After all... You did have a thing going with him for six years. Just keep in mind if that happens... He did hurt you and abused you mentally and emotionally.


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Oh, I doubt very much that having an insecure girlfriend is going to make him miserable. Well, ultimately, yes - when what he sends out boomerangs back around to him again. But HE doesn't think so, not at this point. That part hasn't even occurred to him.

Examine the evidence again:

I get messages from the current gf to leave her bf alone and stop stalking him
I'm confused here because I never contact ole boy. I of course ignore and only make contact for payment and I'm done
He...mentioned that we could meet up at some point.

Come on gals, do the math? I'll give you a clue: She's only got HIS word for anything.

(Are we getting warmer?)

Trust me, if ANY woman here were his girlfriend she'd be a threatened and insecure one. He'd actively see to it!

Now shine this light on that string of aggressive emails and ask yourself again who sent them!

I doubt he even gives two hoots for that money or ever did. But I imagine he gives quite a few for the alternative juice he gets to squeeze out of it and the so called proof or corroboration-fodder it represents, oh, yes.

You're well rid, TRYINGTIMES. (Still make the final settlement, though.)

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