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Forced out of university and I'm feeling depressed

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Has anyone been in a similar situation? I am now twenty-two, in Canada, and I had to leave University after my second year due to financial and medical issues. I don't know my father, and my mother is on disability for epilepsy. My education was being funded by the government but there was some confusion about my residence and they refused to pay it, but by the time I found out they said they couldn't help me and I'd need to pay it myself. But my University won't let me continue my education until I pay what I owe. Except finding a job here is near impossible without experience or a degree. At the best I have found temp jobs, but between no steady work and having to pay my student loans to the government, I haven't been able to put together the money. During that time my two cats passed away. Then my girlfriend and I of three years broke up. Now my mother has cancer and I have to spend a lot of time helping her. Which I'm happy to, but it's still just piling on. My friends don't really talk to me much now because they're busy, and now a lot of them have just graduated, while I'm still here forced out of University. It seems like life is passing me by and I'm just in a hole without any help. I am depressed, angry, and frustrated that it seems like nothing is going my way. I don't have any kind of help, from friends or family, and it just seems like things will never improve. I just don't know what to do. I'm still actively looking for a job, and I still want to return to University, but at the moment it just seems like things will never improve for me.

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