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Should I stay?

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Relationship advice I have been dating a guy for awhile now and everything was going great, until he decided we needed a break. The reasons he had were Distance was to hard, not enough time with study and he had sporting commitments that he obviously wanted more than time with myself. so i agreed to this so called "break" and he then started saying he regretted the way he left things and wanted me back, however I said to take at least a week without contact so he would know if it was at least something he wanted.

We gave it that week maybe even a bit more and then i took him back, however now i feel more alone than ever instead of him putting more effort in i feel like i am now doing everything to make him happy with not one thing in return. i will hear from him maybe once every few days and its always about what's going on with him and not about me, i recently dropped out of study because i wasn't sure about what i wanted to do. he said that his support would be behind me but when i told him i got through to an interview stage for a marketing firm he didn't act excited and then went on about how hard his day was, i was left feeling more alone and depressed because im going through finding my first job since leaving university and i really need someone to say well done and give me positive things to focus on. I truly love this guy and he is a decent guy when he wants to be, my friends are al single and just want me to go out drinking and clubbing so none of them are willing to even hear me out.

Im a very trusting person and don't not get along with anyone but when my partner said that he still has thoughts about not being together, it feels like im being used until he finds someone better. i struggle with self-esteem and im always putting everyone before myself because i would rather people be happy over myself. i want to feel appreciated and i want my partner to commit even if it was just the smallest thing like a date or a weekend away but everything is based around his schedule and if it doesn't fit in with mine i doesn't matter as his comes first. I don't want to leave him because his friends were also my friends and his parents absolutely love me but i also see a future with him later on. when i asked him why he stayed with me the only response he had was i made him happy, not that he loved me or thought that we worked well, this really hurt because he has a new female study partner who he says he has loads of fun with and she's always such a laugh. it makes me wonder wither im only viewed as a friend in his eyes.

Should I stay?

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You are not being "viewed" as a friend, you are being USED.

All his actions benefit HIM. He is a taker, for sure. And you went back with him without agreeing on how things would be different. You just took back the SAME guy.

Even your friends can see that, so they don't want to hear about your issues with this guy.

Continue to be by yourself and explore other guys who are more mature and are able to give you something.

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