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Confused bf

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My girlfriend is turning 18 and i am 18
We been together for 8 months now
I mean she used to worship the ground I walk on. Now she doesnt care My gf me a talk about. she has depression and a go thru a bad state in life. She told me she doesnt care about life of anyone now. So what do I do to see if she still have feelings for me deep inside? Avoid her? how do i see if she stills loves me. I've tried giving her love that doesn't work. Ive tried working it out and ask her to change. Result is the same. Her dad died a year ago. And she has been depressed since I was always there for her tho. But she tell me she no care about anything anymore. Now I dont even know if she loves me anymore
I text her everyday. But she text me just like the mood she's in everyday.. Like if I say hey babe. She says hey. Then I say u ok. She says "yea am ok. "
Then I say u sure?
She says "yea"
Then I say ok hope so
She say "yea"
Then the convo doesn't progress. I don't know if she even loves me anymore.

Its been happening for two months now. I dont see her from about June. She's been depressed from last year. Crying all the time. Her dad died and her family esp mother them no really help her so she stop care about life.
How me know if she still care about me

I want know how me can see if she loves me. Avoiding her??? How do I know? I seriously need help. Or should I just give her space. Text her normal. And wait till me get to see her. Idk

#Her dad is dead from last year
#Her mom doesn't take care of her
#Shes away for the summer at her grandma where she has to be working in a shop.
#We broke up last month but got together because we are always arguing because I don't think she loves me
#She has suicidal thoughts#
#We are both in school sometimes I have to give her money for something to eat but I am not rich as well as my family
Its summer now she's away for the holiday at her grandma
She doesn't even know if she's going to continue school this semester.
She's far away in my country but we go to the same school

I don't know if she loves me anymore because she doesn't show it

She's depressed
And I don't know where I stand in her life anymore

Do u have any advice for what I should and should not do in this type of relationship? I love her to bits. Constantly praying for her hoping she will be okay. I just don't know what to do as her bf right now

Confused bf

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Try being there for her. Just be by her side. Maybe she doesn't feel like talking but it's always nice to have someone there. Talk to her calmly about her and her feelings, only if she wants too. Stop thinking so much about whether she loves you. If you love her then love her the best that you can. Bring her food and have a candle lit dinner or take her out and look at the stars. Do little things like that. Just send her texts saying "good morning beautiful" and stuff like that. Little meaningful things count.
Good luck to you

Confused bf

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Your girlfriend is in a very dark place. The loss of her father appears to be the root cause of her depression. This loss has devastated her, she is unable cope with life right now. loosing her father and pretty much being abandon by her mother, who ships her to other relatives has not help her in anyway. If you truly love this girl please stay in her life because she has no one. You are asking too much of her by pressuring her to show you that she loves you. she can't because she is consumed with her loss of her father, she is not mental able to deal with your needs right now . She need professional help. Many people do not have an understanding of what depression is and how to deal with it. Depression is a serious mental condition and needs to be treated by professionals.

How old are you guys?

I'm hoping that Soulmate (the moderator) will offer her expert advice.

Good Luck.

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