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My mom won't let me cut my hair short

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on Aug 13 2015 at 18:50
Member since: 13 August 2015
Other advice Since I was a child my mom used to take care of my hair and made it grow longer and longer , I used to like my long hair before , but now I'm so sick of it because it is till the end of my back and it's ALOT , so I asked my mom if I could cut my hair short till my shoulders but she got angry and told me that all those years that she wasted on growing my hair will be useless plus that my hair is curly and a little rough she say ed that I'll look like a lion if I cut it , but taking care of long hair needs a lot of time I will spend 40 munits to brush it and the only hairstyle that I can make is a braid cuz if I don't braid it it will be so fluffy and it will Intertwined , someone help please I really can't take it any more! !.

My mom won't let me cut my hair short

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on Aug 14 2015 at 00:00
Member since: 09 April 2015
I might remind your mom that hair will always grow back. Even if you look like a lion, it's you who looks silly, not her. Also, everyone needs at least a disastrous fashion choice when they're young to teach them humility. (And really, the worst that happens is you look terrible until it grows out.)

If she's still not convinced, I suppose you could always just cut it yourself and risk whatever she'll do to you for doing that. (Grounding? IDK. I guess it depends on your mom as to whether it's worth it. But I'd try reasoning with her first.)

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