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Tested positive for illegal drug... whats next?

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Legal advice Last week I was at a friends house where we both drank heavily and we both used cocaine. Instead of driving home I wanted to sleep it off in my car. Someone called either the fire department or the police, but because I wasn't driving I was sent to the hospital in a ambulance and was kept in the ER over night.

My blood alcohol level was very high and my urine test came back positive for cocaine use.

I did not cause any harm and I'm extremely lucky I did not continue to drive. (I'm just emotionally humiliated and beyond disappointed in myself- I'm 34!!!)

I was discharged and able to leave once my blood alcohol level went down, but my concern is the drug results.

Does anyone know if the ER will share the results with my health insurance? If so does it list specifically the drug? And if they see it's illegal will health insurance cut me off? If health insurance keeps me will they still help me with a payment plan if the results are listed positive?

Again, I was not involved with the police and I was not arrested. I was VERY lucky. I use the drug maybe once or twice a year and I've been extremely depressed lately trying to make a career change and find my fit back on the east coast.

It seemed like a good idea that evening but I'm now thinking twice about my decisions.

I would love advice on what to expect next.

Thank you in advance- this happened a week ago tonight and I can't sleep I'm so scared.

Tested positive for illegal drug... whats next?

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Yes. You are lucky. Around here, if the keys are in the ignition and you are drinking or drunk or even passed out, you can get a DUI.

Your health insurance will get the hospital/ambulance bill and the services you had at the hospital will be itemized and covered (or not). Is that why you are concerned? They don't get involved with legality. If you would have gone to court, you might have been court ordered for treatment, which many insurance companies cover.

Don't worry about it. You will know soon. In the meantime, count your blessings and don't do that (pass out in the car) again!!

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