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My ex

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Relationship advice I have a serious issue for myself now,

We had been broke up 6 months ago, we promised each other we will still be friend even when we broke up.
I am really hurted when we broke up with her and im still glad able to be her friend,
So we still talk to each other on whatsapp everyday, we are still close to each other, we promised we will be inseparable still.


After a while i noticed she get more guy friends and hangout with them,
I kept quiet all the times, because i know im just her friend, not bf,
starting to ignore me when i text her,
and everytime i saw her pictures with other guys,
i get even jealous and starting to get angry, i don't know why!!

There is one time we meet up and hangout, she keeps texting on the phone,
i could conclude the hangout time is only her and her phone (she is texting a guy),
I know this is insane, but i keep jealous she talks more to other guy instead of me,
i get very moody all the time when i am thinking of her

Everytime i was trying to break this friendship in order to stop my jealously,
but she always told me im still her best friend, i cancelled my thought to break this friendship.
She always hangout with other guy friends, and talk to them more than me, i feel like im just a tool when she needs me because she only talk to me in whatsapp when she need something, we seldom talk more like usual anymore.

I know this is bad that im getting more jealous, and she told me that i am still her best friend, im really afraid i will hurt her when im moody, but im hurted when she started to hangout with other guys. Help!! i need advice to settle my negative emotions, She is only my Ex, why am i still get jealous!! should i break this friendship??

My ex

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Yes break away from this friendship .

Breaking up means being separated!! not inseparable. You still want a GF/BF relationship she does not. You still want her to ACT like a GF/ but calling it a friendship What happens when she gets a new boyfriend?

She calls you her best friend because she wants to keep you emotionally connected. For you sake move on.

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