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Why has my fiancé started acting different towards me?

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on Sep 2 2015 at 10:40
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Relationship advice Why is my fiancé acting so different towards me? He acts like he doesn't love me and makes me feel really sad and down about it. I love him so much and there was a time he would make me feel he loved me too, he did romantic things, bought me stuff, took me out, everything revolved around me but now I feel I'm no longer in his list of priorities, like he doesn't care. I question it and he just gets angry and lashes out at me. I wasn't sure about the relationship at the start as I'd just come out of an abusive marriage and he knew that, I may have been cold towards him, I had issues but he really helped me to iron them out, he made me his number one no matter what I said he would always be there by my side. Now I don't think he is like that at all. He says hurtful things to me and has done lots of little things which is making me feel like he's lost interest in me. He asked me to marry him early on and I said yes, we booked the wedding in February and I asked him if he still wanted to go ahead and he said yes, but I'm still not convinced. Am I being stupid? Are the things he did at the start of the relationship just things that happen in the honeymoon period or should it carry on like that? I just want to feel loved. He says I love you all the time but surely love is shown and not talked about. Do I need to give him a taste of his own medicine? Ignore his texts etc? He thinks I would never leave him, but it's getting quite close to that if things don't change. Obviously I don't want to loose him as I know he is a decent person I just want it to be how it was. Am I asking too much and are my expectations just too high? Will it be like this in any relationship? Please help me as I'm really not feeling great about all of this. Thank you

Why has my fiancé started acting different towards me?

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on Sep 2 2015 at 11:52
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I agree with you that love is felt and not told. If you feel he is different obviously he doesn't feel the same way as before... But that doesn't mean it changed for bad... Maybe he just feels more secure with the relationship and is distracted with other stuff in his life... That kind of crazy initial passion comes and go in relationships..

I believe If he says he still marry you and says I love you, he does wants to be with you... Try to trust that, enjoy the way he is now, enjoy your personal life, and you will see that crazy passion is going to come back :)

I once spoiled a relationship because of that kind of insecurities.. I'm sure If I had focused on my life and trust him on that time, things would work out..

All best!!

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