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Conflicting life decisions

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Hi, I have tried to share this to my close ones but they always seem biased and selfish. I am 30 years old, married but live with my parents, (long story) doing a great job from last 5 years. But I really want to do a masters in Europe or UK. the reason behind it? well.. I got married 4 years back, just after finishing my graduation and getting this job. However there were severe issues in the marriage, and we tried living together 2 times and failed. I shifted to my parent's house 1.5 yrs but do have a contact with my husband. he is pursuing me to move with him again. But all I can think of studying abroad. only because I want to live alone for sometimes. note that I live in a traditional asian country and it's near to impossible for a woman to live alone. Now, I don't know If I am going to move in with my husband in future or not but I only see a masters in Europe in my agenda for now. Also I am looking for scholarships for the masters, cause I cannot finance it otherwise and my parents will let me do it. With all this indecisions I am having a tough time. can you guys help me in someway!!

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