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If I cheated on my boyfriend, but I still wanted to be with him I'd feel terrible. If he still wanted to be with me after that especially all that other shit I would've ran over the moment he told me and hugged him so hard and tell him I love him and I want to be with him. Idk wtf she is doing cause why the fuck would you make someone who says they care about you this much feel like shit? And even if she has a crush on some random kid he doesn't give a fuck about her. Do you know how rare it is to find someone who is willing to forgive you after you fucking cheat on them? It's SUPER fucking rare. Honestly I have no idea why she's not in your arms right now refusing to let go cause you must be an amazing guy to still want to be with her.


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I'm not understanding your post. Did YOU do the cheating, or were you cheated on?

Really doesn't matter.

Cheating is BETRAYAL> It eats at TRUST and is VERY hurtful to all parties.

A mature person may have crushes and think about other people, but doesn't ACT on that thought, because that person is able to put the "brakes" on acting on every impulse that comes along. That's what maturity means.

Forgiveness has to be earned. That takes time. There is no "running back into the arms" of the person who has been betrayed.

Time reveals all. Time heals.


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(I gathered the OP is the betrayee but telling it using mixed pronouns.)


"Do you know how rare it is to find someone who is willing to forgive you after you fucking cheat on them? It's SUPER fucking rare."

Yup. It is.

I Am Sorry is as I Am Sorry *does*.... Or, this case, doesn't. And that's because, it's not the crime but the TIME (sentance) and not enough people these days are willing to do that length or intensity of time, thanks to this 'disposable' societal attitude we're living under... "Awww, it's broken - f**kit, forget trying to fix it, I'll just bin it and get a new one!".

'Amazing', whether an objectively deemed quality or not, is, in the context of a romantic relationship, in the eye of the beholder. If the beholder doesn't possess the type or calibre of eye capable of seeing that amazing-ness then the object of beauty is wasted on that beholder, same as you wouldn't want to give a priceless crystal vase to a toddler, only to see him scratch it to Hell by merrily using it as a Hot Wheels garage.

So, in a nutshell, that's now TWO crimes de coeur she's committed, isn't it? One, the betrayal, and two, the failure against claimed sentiments to prove it as having been a blip/slip in normally better judgement. So that puts YOU in a position where binning it becomes a sign of strength as opposed to one of weakness.


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