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We almost had something :-(

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Relationship advice A few weeks ago I started see this guy. We were immediately physically attracted to each other. Our chemistry was great, good conversation and a lot of flirting. I really like and still do like him A LOT. We went out 3 times and on the 3rd date we made out on the beach. I mean rolling around in the sand giggling and kissing (no we didn't have sex). So I asked him the very next day are we dating because I'm starting to like spending time with you. He said he doesn't like putting labels on things. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I told him that's not okay with me and I like labels. So a few weeks went by and we didn't go out and I asked him what's up?

So yesterday he told me we really need to met up and talk because I have something to tell you. He said he's been distant because he can't give me what I want and that he didn't know he would like me this much so fast. He said before I came along there was someone else that he's been seeing and they sort of starting to get serious and he wanted to remain friends with me and still hang out.He said saying this to me wasn't easy and he feels like i'm the right girl but at the wrong time. At first I was like sure cool we can be friends, but this morning I went off and told him basically he made his choice we can't be friends and good luck in his new relationship. He was upset with me.

Did I do the right thing?

We almost had something :-(

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Your idea of "friends" and his idea are not the same. You clearly wanted more. He could not give that to you, since he was seeing someone else. (Shame on him for rolling around in the sand with you when he's got a GF)

Cut him off completely. He can't give you what you want and he will keep coming back to mess up your head. Do not talk to him until he is completely FREE.

We almost had something :-(

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What do I do about social media? he's on my snapchat and i'm on his. should I delete him completely or have him see me having a good time and enjoying my life?

We almost had something :-(

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His initial MO was pretty much standard. He said "he doesn't like putting labels on things" CODE FOR : I'm kinda tied up right now"
You bet you knew something was WRONG!

He was working you as hard/fast as he could but time ran out he wasn't able to seal the deal. HE just couldn't invest anymore time pursuing you. Back to his GF he goes.

He finally did the right thing by telling you the truth about his real relationship.


I don't think you would like it if your boyfriend was "hanging out with some other female friend. Respect your self by NOT BEING THAT GIRL.

Be glad you learn early who and what he was.

Think how would you would be feeling had you slept with him. You dodge the "being used bullet" good for you.

Now move on...

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