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Why is he acting this way? Plz help I'm so confused :(

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Relationship advice So this guy and I were decent friends last year however I THOUGHT that I ruined it because I kinda liked him and I thought it was obvious that I did. Suddenly this year, it seemed like he was purposely avoiding me like he would talk to and say hi to everyone right next to me and purposely avoid me and not acknowledge my presence at all. He did glance at me a few times though but I felt like he was somehow uncomfortable... so I decided to text and confront him.

He said: "No I'm not angry with you! I'm sorry you've been feeling that way, I have noticed that we aren't really talking in class but I'm sure that will change very soon"
Me: "Oh phew. Ok well I'll clear this up then if you noticed: I liked you last year because i was trying to get over J, but I've viewed you as just a friend besides that time, so I'm sorry for all the confusion!"
Him: "Thank you for telling me. I honestly had no idea."
Me: "I thought you knew and you were ignoring me because of something that happened last yr so that's why I kept ignoring you too. But yay, tis all good now :)"

The he just stopped replying..

So i'm confused now. Why did he ignore me if he didn't know I liked him? Was it unintentional (it seemed pretty uncomfortable and there was lots of tension)? Or does he LIKE me? He's really outgoing and friendly though so I thought if he liked a girl he would at least talk to her. Most of his friends are girls...

Why is he acting this way? Plz help I'm so confused :(

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It's not sounding good... if he's naturally an outgoing sort of guy.. he'd be showing interest , at least in subtle ways that would bring a smile to your face.. but if you feel he is intentionally leaving you out in the cold.. not looking your direction.. he's trying to avoid something where he may have to let you down.. this is how I would read this situation.. Please devote your time & attention to those who notice you , are kind to you.. Life is too short to go after those who give a cold shoulder.. it's just not worth it..

Why is he acting this way? Plz help I'm so confused :(

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"Him: "Thank you for telling me. I honestly had no idea.""

He didn't mean he had no idea you'd liked him. You'd just admitted to him in plain English that you seemed into him only because you were in need at the time of an Elastoplast. That's the bit he had no idea about. He'd thought he had a real chance.

Now that he realises he was effectively being used back then, I imagine his ignoring you will continue but in a much more benign way because this guy was your (COUGH!) friend out of the thought that this door would lead to boyfriend-girlfriend-ville.

Having had his eyes opened over that fact, he'd have wanted to leave that text conversation where it was, anyway, and you just made it altogether possible by failing to end your paragraph with a question as would have demanded another response.

He is clearly not as outgoing as he'd have everyone believe. Not to that extent or in that life realm, anyway.

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