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Need advice on this guy..i really love him.. idk what to do

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so ive been with this guy for almost ayear and a half. within the last 7 mothns or so he always decided he wants to breakup with me almost every month. within the last 7 mothns or so he always decided he wants to breakup with me almost every month. each time getting worse and ending in a longer period of us not talking to eachother then the time before. each time we get back together i tell him how much it hurts to feel abondoned like that. and each time he tells me that hes sorry adn that he loves me and that the past few weeks of not seeing me or talkign has really affected him and that im the love of his time and it cant happen again and that hell do anthing in his power to make sure it doestn. last time we talked abt all the things we needed to change to make it work. like never giving up and trying harder and talking about our problems. then its always the same thing! we go strong for like 2 weeks, i could feel so much love from he was really trying, he talked abt marriage and kids and our future. and then all of a sudden it starts to fade a way, he stops putting effort in, blows me off.. stops coming over..and by a month or so hes texing me telling me were done and theres nothing i can do about it. the night he brke up with me i received a message from his ex of a picture of the two of them....i freaked out and messaged her back saying that it was gross bc we had jsut slept together the day before.. and that he talks so much crap about her.. he later texted me tell me i can say all i want but he doesnt want me... we made plans to exchange our things on monday (he wants his promise ring back and bracelet he gave me, and he has a set of keys to my house) but monday came and went and he didnt ever reach out to me for the ring. its now wednesday.. i want to know if hes thinking about me... is it a good thing that he hasnt wanted to do the final exchange, maybe hes still thinking? before i got the picture he texted me that maybe we could talk... but that all changed once he was around her obviously ...DO YOU THINK HES THINKING ABOUT ME?

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