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Unsure what to do with my new dog

please don't judge harshly. It's my first time having a dog, my husband has had dogs in the past. About 8 months back my sister moved in with husband and I temporarily after being in a bad relationship. With her she had a small dog Chloe, who is just over a year old today. She didn't train her well and she's still learning as she is still a young dog. My sister starting staying out more and more with her friends and left my husband and I to take care of this dog. The dog kept chewing up a bunch of my toddlers wooden toys and stuffed animals. So I didn't like her from the start. It got to the point that my sister would be gone 4 days at a time with her new boyfriend and I was fed up. The dog is a toy yorkie and is worth about $1000. The dog started getting depressed because her owner wasn't around to take care of her and would pretty well ignore her when she would come home quick to get clothes. My husband and I started to feel bad for the dog. We were constantly getting her in trouble, and was lashing out because her owner wasn't around. She was poorly trained but we wanted to give her a chance because she is good with my toddler and my cat and her play a lot. And of course she is cute. So we offered her $300 for the dog so she could have people around for her. Now we've had the dog under or full care for about 4 months. She listens to my husband but still everyday gets in trouble in so many ways. Chewing up toys that aren't here, eating scraps , not listening to commands etc. we don't have a yard for her to run around so she always wants outside and doesn't listen to me well on walks. I also have my toddler to take care of and im almost due for our second child. I feel like I'm always yelling at her to go lay down because she's getting into trouble. My husband just started back at school full time and also works so now I'm stuck with taking care of this dog that I really don't like. I told him I want to get rid of her but he tells me I'm not trying hard enough. He also says he loves the dog and wants to keep her. But it's me taking care of now and I hate it. She's only one year old and I feel bad i don't want her but I do want her to have a good life and not live in the crate or have someone yelling at her all the time. It's not fair to her. My husband tells me I don't care and makes me feel terrible for not wanting the responsibility of a dog. I'm a new mom with another baby in the way it's too much! He wants the dog I don't. Yorkies live like 15 years and i can't imagine taking care of her for that long ! I don't know what to do:(

Unsure what to do with my new dog

If he wants the dog, then he takes full responsibility/care of the dog. With your second child coming he should understand that your hands will be full. Your dog is behaving like any puppy/young dog behaves. Insist that your husband gets the dog trained, training will make a big difference in the dog's behavior. Consult your vet when is the appropriate time to have the dog neutered which will also effect the behavior of the dog.

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