Panties exposed in class

Panties exposed in class

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Posted by SALTALAMACCCHIA on Aug 13 2010 at 04:53
Member since: 13 August 2010
Other advice forum category advice forum category the button broke on my pants in the morning before school. and i fell asleep during class. the teacher woke me up and told me to walk to the front of the class and do five jumping jacks so i could wake up i had to pee really bad. everyone was watching right as my pants fell down to my ankles and my icarly panties were exposed to everyone ( white pair with yellow trim and miranda cosgrove on the front). i was so nervous that i started to pee and i drenched them. my new nickname is Pee Pee was humiliating
Reply from TILES on Aug 13 2010 at 05:13
Member since: 22 July 2010
Gender: Female
I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. Just know that tomorrow is another day. What happened that one day does not define who you are for the rest of your life. Don't worry about what others call you. Cheer up, ok? TILES

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