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Friends... love... school

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Emotional advice Too much has changed. I lost a friend, gained new ones, I have changed my style. I don't know who I am anymore... I sometimes miss the old days, where I could just dance in the rain thinking about love, now it is school, and keeping secrets from my friends. I try to be perfect. I guess, it doesn't work.
I have so much homework to do, and college credit... I'm still in Jr.High. I'm trying so hard to balance getting my studies up, friends, and romance. Friends and studies have been nice to me this week, but romance... Yay..... :/
*TEENAGE FLASHBACK!!! If you don't want to read this, just skip it, it's kinda stupid but what is a teenage girl supposed to do?*
Like I've said, lost a friend, I'm not going into details, so I made new friends, anyway.... These new friends had some 'information' on my 'dating past' a.k.a none existent. They had some info from a girl who was in my grade/year. They thought me and my friend, (he is like my twin!), dated.... Now let's state something, I don't like him that way. So lately they have been bugging me about this, and wanting to know who HAS asked me out. 3 guys. I have told them 2
but the other one was the friend who is no longer my friend. They don't know that... Anyway, one of my friends, I'll call her Mona, she is going to ask out my friend that is like my twin 'for me'. I am not looking forward to the awkwardness of it.... I can't stop her, I've tried, now I'm just hoping she'll forget to. She's doing this to annoy me.
What should I say to him? Should I tell them about the 3rd guy to ask me out? And are they true friends?

Friends... love... school

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(Teenage heightened social pressures. Great!..., don't they.)

Can't stop her? Tried HOW?

Well anyway, why not slip him a note to warn him that she doesn't have a clue but is fishing around for info/gossip and even now trying to test you out where he's concerned in spite of the fact you've already explained he was 'just' your bessie mate come quasi twin bro, and MAY approach him some time soon which is why you're giving him the friendly tip-off not to take her seriously or be embarrassed (and be ready for her with some smart comment)?

Or does this dog-with-a-bone friend of yours know something you don't or won't admit to yourself?

If not, and if you don't want to have to say anything to him about it, why not threaten to do the same to her but with some guy she finds a complete No-No or turn-off?

These girls could be true friends. But sometimes true friends happen to be annoying uckers who act more like over-pushy competitors that won't take no for an answer. So in actual fact it sounds like she, as ringleader, is pretty desperate to put you into some firmer context so that she can know precisely what it is she's trying to draw a comparison with... which case would suggest she knows who she herself is even less than you do! In other words, she needs a mirror but you're too blurry, meaning she's trying to polish you.

Additionally, if you won't confide in those who are supposed to be your best mates then you're fobbing them as well as yourself off with a mere, meaningless label. Maybe, despite going the completely wrong, kack-handed way about it, her goal is not so much to annoy you but to strengthen yours and her friendship by finding out about your more personal layers?

Certainly if you told them who HAD asked you out, that would put paid to this threat, wouldn't it? Or are you thinking she/they'd just start trouble with him instead? But considering he's no longer your friend, let alone a boyfriend, would you even care if they did?

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