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Is it worth fighting anymore?

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I (20) have been with my boyfriend (21) for 2 years now. We have casually discussed every topic I think two people can. We're very like minded on 95% of subjects, but the other 5% we seem to be polar opposite. I don't want to make this a post 5 days long, so here are the things about him that are worrying me most about what may be holding me back:

-He is a workaholic, but is nearly 2 years behind in his college education because he gives up in his classes and drops them mid semester.
-If we argue he is always right, he refuses to talk it through, he won't listen to reason and gives the silent treatment, then the next day he pretends nothing has happened and if I try to bring it up, he ignores it, then becomes mad.
-He tells me that I over react when he makes horribly mean statements about me or our relationship when in a fight, just to quiet me so he doesn't have to talk about it. HE DOES NOT APOLOGIZE, EVER.
-He uses his financial gains as leverage over me, such as gifting me then later chastising me about how ungrateful I am. I have a very small job that allows about $30 extra a month and I always end up spending it on him.
-He refuses to compromise on anything having to do with our relationship, ie communication, intimacy (I have to beg for sex, he gets it when he wants and the one time I said no because I had pneumonia, he said

Is it worth fighting anymore?

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It is worth fighting anymore.

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