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Just want clarity

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So I have been talking to this person for 2 weeks now and we have a lot of fun when we're together. We would always be busy but he would pick me up and we would watch the stars or at day time we would go to the gym. We would always have long talks with each other and I told him in the beginning I was interested in him. I asked him if he was and he said that he would be in the future but atm he still has feelings with his ex and they broke up 2 months ago but he would never go out with her. and then after that we kissed and things got hot and heavy. and then after that he kissed me goodnight. I have a feeling that his feelings for me grew stronger after the kiss and hanging out all the time but for some reason he wont kiss me but he'll do other things with me.. we would still talk and hang out but I just wanna know why does he act like that and if he even sees a future with us. i wanted to bring it up but i just feel like its awkward when I do cuz we just have good times. I dont wanna put myself in a position where this was all for nothing and im trying for nothing and wasting time. What do you think?

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