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Friends keep try to out do us

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Does anyone else have a friend that everyone gives hallpasses to just because it's them? Like they might be late to an event but it's alright because it's this certain person but if you were late, all hell would break loose? I happen to have two in my friendship group and they also happen to be in a relationship together. I feel as though they always try to out do or one up my boyfriend and I. Now I'm the type of person to just sit back, smile and pretend that everything's fine and I'm really happy for them, while on the inside I'm seething. I want to go on trip to Europe and America but am waiting until my boyfriend and I finish our studies to go, when we told them this, they said they didn't want to travel yet as they were saving up to buy a house and they really didn't want to go to America. Not even a week later, they told us they had a booked a trip to Europe the following year and now they're planning a trip to America. My boyfriend and I currently live with his parents but really want to move out. We have a suburb that we both really like, we mentioned it to them (both of whom also live at home), next thing we know they're moving into that very suburb. These are just two examples of what I mean but there are heaps more. I'm getting really sick of it and I know my boyfrienx is too, can anyone who has been through something similar please give me some advice on how to deal with it? I know we might sound like we're being overly jealous or picky but it's just happening way to often for it to be coincidence

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