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I'm sex addicted

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Online Dating advice M a girl and n sex addicted plz help me. M scared very scared

I'm sex addicted

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My wife was a sex addict.

She was sexually abused at 5.

She started cheating on me about 5 weeks into our 36-year marriage. I figured she had sex outside the marriage about 2,000 or more times, in a 16-year span.

She had a 2 week study course at a co-ed college and went to nightclubs almost every night, and probably had 8-10 guys for probably about 20 sessions of sex, afternoon and night.

I figured she had threesomes with an extra male, and threesomes with an extra female, juding from the information that I had. She was so disappointed that her marriage (not me, the marriage) stopped the one thing she enjoyed, that she tried to destroyed me the last 20 years of our marriage.

With dwindling health from a long-term illness, she said from her deathbed, "I hate youuuuuuuu!!!!" and then tried to scratch at me, with gritted teeth, like an animal, because she couldn't get out of bed and get to me.

Sex addiction, not a pretty sight.

The easy part is dating. The difficult part is if you get married, and rougher than that is if you have a child.

She'll want a child so she can use the child for a lifetime companion, since no man will do, since a husband would object to her cheating. So don't let her have a child by you. She'll want the child, and then will mistreat it. That will tear at your heart, also.

You're in the best shape you'll ever be. You're not married to her. She doesn't really have you down yet.

I'm sex addicted

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Also, she will take her anger, her pathological anger, out on you, because you are a male, and it was a male who sexually abused her when she was a child.

So...she...hates...males!!! She just uses them to have sex with.

Any male who tries to stop her from having outside sex, she will attack like an animal.

She will tell you, "Leave, if you don't like me having sex with other men, but keep your mouth shut if you're living with me."

She will have no remorse. She will try to destroy you if you try to stop her.

Was she sexually abused?

I'm sex addicted

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Excuse me.

I thought this post was written by a guy complaining that his girl was sex addicted.

The post was written in broken English and I was having to guess what it said. It read:

"M a girl and n sex addicted plz help me. M scared very scared"

It thought the "M" meant "My." and I thought "a girl" meant just "girl" without the "a."

So that it read (to me) "My girl" and I thought "n" meant "is" and then "sex addicted."

So I thought that read, "My girl is sex addicted."

I thought it would be a guy complaining about his girl being sex addicted.

I didn't think it would be the girl writing in about her own sex addiction problem.

Then I just saw, in very small letters, a girl's name. Oh, my.

I am very sorry. I thought I was talking to the guy without the girl hearing it.

I thought I was helping this guy. I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

So, I'll ask the female, Were you sex abused? Are you trying to get help?

Please don't give up on this just because I made a mistake. I am very sorry.

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