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My husband never takes my side

I am married since 2 yrs .My husband was impudent , i helped and stood by him in all circumstances. His parents don't like me because its our love marriage. He fights with me a lot actually all of the time - i could not leave him because i loved him. Even after years of marriage he can't stand by me .He never takes my side his parents are very taunting they are always teasing me , i don't even know what to reply as my family lifestyle was totally different. He don't call or text me like he used to before marriage. He don't talks to me . His parents and even remotely related people ridicule me in front of him. I very difficult for me to leave him, as family doesn't want me to take divorce . No matters what i do he dont share his life with me. I don't what should i do and whats right for me leaving him seems like impossible for me.

My husband never takes my side

Why would your family insist that you stay in a marriage like this? Be your own person and make decisions that make you a better person.

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