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Called off wedding

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so what do you think about this, my husband and i have been legally married for 1 year. Living together for 7 years. He just called off our upcoming religious wedding that was so important to me, yet claims that he still loves me but despite that, he is okay with me choosing to leave as he would have done the same.I chose to stay becuase i really love him and rather work things out and maybe not think about the extra step for now. Honestly, i don't think that he's ever thought about getting married to anyone. He is antisocial and does not like the attention. During the wedding planning, he was very nervous thinking about the attention we would each have that day and once the date got close he couldn't take it and called it off. we have fought over this and he even said that i could leave if i wanted to. I love him and i know he loves me too, but i'm confused that maybe i'm missing the big picture. I appreciate any advice.

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