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Jealous high school senior takes boyfriend and taunts / harasses my daughter

At the end of last year my daughter and her boyfriend broke up, got back together only to break up again. His new interest (a previously engaged senior in high school who dropped out of the army to be with her, she broke it off the next day with him no explanation...he was devastated and she tried selling everything he gave her on craigslist.) She then took my daughters boyfriends phone and decided to stir the pot and try ruining my daughters reputation with another girl Lilly (by sending her private messages he had on his phone between him and my daughter (valuable lesson learned never put anything in writing.) Well it back fired on his new interest Jasmine and my daughter immediately blocked her from social media. Jasmine has issues, metal disorder and now integrated herself into my daughters ex boyfriend’s life even though he was warned by 5 different people she had problem - one rumor was that she was using drug. Well even after talks to several of his friends he decides to see where things go. Now Jasmine is spreading lies to the boyfriend’s family, showing old text message that were sent 2 Months prior (mind you once I found she had texted this Jasmine I immediately blocked her number.) and monitored Facebook Instagram kick. Now the issue is we are back in school - the whole break my daughter grieved as she watched Jasmine posted selfies of them bot everywhere in an attempt to upset three people - my daughter Hope - the old fiancés Ian, and the very first girlfriend Lilly. Obnoxious pics on first date lying on his bed, a kiss for 4th July act. Mind you thin girl knew him for a week and that he and my daughter were working things out. Newest delimia my daughter Hope has a class with Jasmine who constantly stares at her, bring her friends in the class to point and laugh (Jasmines special ed teacher noticed and ask my daughter on several occasions if she was okay. Jasmine went as far to show the 2 month old texts to the counselor after both girls were pulled aside because Jasmine made a scene outside the front of the classroom trying to make it look like my daughter verbally attacked her, yet my daughter had several witnesses stating no that was not the truth. Now this girl has spun this so much that Jasmines friends harass her and her friends. A friend sits next to my daughter they are a target, The family even had the audacity to allow Jasmine to accompanying them to the beach (our original home town) Well this girl now wear a shirt from the town to class every day and or one of his shirts as well as her girlfriend wears one of his shirts. Jasmine recently saw her ex and started stalking Ian after she saw him drive by the school. This girl is a bully and now my daughters ex just recently started driving by us every day when dropping his brother off at school (he use to avoid us like the plague cause he's passive but not drives by and looks angry. One last time Jasmine changes his profile pics all the time and after a few days he will post his truck again, all postings are from her. My daughter never posted anything on his site, however he put forever in love with Hope, Seems to me that he's hurt (yes my daughter did date a guy about the same time frame but as you know rebounds don’t work and that was 2 months ago. She's so jaded angry not trusting she just likes to stay home and be in her bedroom watching Netflix...have to drag her out of the house, any thoughts?

Jealous high school senior takes boyfriend and taunts / harasses my daughter

Your daughter has reached a point in her life where she's encountered her first f*ckwit bully and experience of the grieving process. Conquer this situation and she'll take the next far more in her stride and possibly as well have the forethought to guard AGAINST any such nonsense. So why are you not stopping short at being supportive and advisory only and instead trying to actually 'chew her food for her'? Especially given how it sounds as if a teacher and counsellor are already starting to intervene? Is this the Scooby clue? : **we** are back in school. We, is it? So - are you? Back in school? With the same ol' bullies, just with new faces? And either doing what your mum over-did or what she completely failed to do as a way to get your own missed conquering out of this present situation? Or are you actually Hope, trying to present herself here as her own mother so as to avoid any recrimination from the bullying crowd? If you are, I wouldn't worry about that. The chances of their finding this site out of the myriad out there or even being able to say with any certainty that it's you and not some other girl with this highly familiar problem are too slim. Well, anyway, whichever... It sounds like this Jasmine has a huge chip on her shoulder about Hope, and for quite a while, now, and is trying to knock her down a peg or three, to where Hope presents less of an unflattering contrast. Or, if you prefer, standing on Hope's feet for the purposes of making herself feel taller (in which case she must feel very small and unattractive in comparison). And Jasmine's so-called friends are simply trying to help keep Jasmine's jealous wrath towards Hope live and kicking, and keep her appeased into the bargain, so as not to ever risk the all-too-real possibility of becoming next in her firing line. As for Hope's ex-bf - yes, it does sound like she's hurt him and his pride, with this now him getting his petty revenge, using this Jasmine as his cosh. For all you know, he was the one who set Jasmine off in the first place, perhaps telling her that Hope had said this and that nasty thing about her? Sounds like it to me. Back to your motherly remit: I'd have thought a meeting between you, Hope's father and the head teacher, class teacher and counsellor was already overdue, wouldn't you? Have you phoned to ask for an urgent appointment yet?

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