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Angry, upset, hurt, betrayal

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Children & Young People advice My middle daughter has my only granddaughter. Monday morning my daughter calls an said my granddaughter has a red rash in her private. So when my daughter bring her over for me to babysit so she can go to work. I take my granddaughter to the bathroom so she can use it. I did not find and rash but cut in her private area.I freak out how did my daughter though this was a hash when its cuts. So i wait to me daughter to come out of work to talk to her about it. My daughter get all freak out takes her to the hospital they could not tell her were the mark come from. Thats what she tells me anyway. She didn't want me to go to the hospital with her instead she take her new boyfriend that she only new for 2 month. He don't have no job, no diploma, no where to live just came out of prison. Know my daughter tell me that my granddaughter can not come over to my house she really don't want any interaction with me any more. She taking my granddaughter over to her boyfriend house so my granddaughter can get use to the boyfriend grandmother instead. I been taking care of my granddaughter since she was born.Ever time something goes wrong she blames me and dont let me see my granddaughter. She is still trying to get a divorce from her first marriage and already with some one use. Dont know what to do .

Angry, upset, hurt, betrayal

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What did he go to prison for?

I had a grandson, of 2 or 3 months, taken from me and my wife, by the unmarried mother to stay at her family's, so I know what you're going through. And she had a difficult past, so it is nerve-racking.

The step dad could be sexually abusing the child. The mother could be aiding and abetting that.

Can you get law enforcement to look at the injury and determine what it is and how it got there?

Everything's resting on you, grandma.

You are right to be concerned. I'm glad you reached out for help.

Keep reaching out for help by calling your local child abuse hotline telephone number, and then visit their office and fill out a report.

Let us know what is happening.

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