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Need help please !!!

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Relationship advice Hello I'm sorry to bore everyone but I need help I feel like my relation ship as reached its end myself and my other half have been going out for over 2years although she broke up with me for a part of it and we got back together. I feel like the only reason I got back together with. Her was because before we broke her ex's were dicks and kept trying to ruin everything and she did drugs etc I tried to stop it and she eventyly got rid of them after we got back togther.

But I feel as though everything I have done is wrong I mean were engaged know but I feel like I didn't want to do it I felt pressured to do it and I'm scared that it's going to be a loveless relation ship I mean she loves me but don't love her or am attracted to her anymore we argue all the time and she threatens me with police for no reason just because we're arguing I mean I never done anything ever and I don't really like her family they always have ago at me and boss us about and I left my job to work with her and the business which was now I realises a mistake I've tried everything to end it each time I get scremd at or there is an issue she needs help with.

She never lets me she my friends or if I do ask it ends up in a row so i don't bother I spend 24/7 with her and I am ill everyday.
I need help advise anyone anything also any tips on how to talk to my mum.

Thank you !

Need help please !!!

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The way you tell it, she sounds like she's ABSOLUTELY not the woman for you (or bloody *anyone* with standards and self-worth), no!

But, yet, you've seemingly managed to 'tolerate' her just fine, for two whole years, so - why only now, the idea to wriggle out?

Is this you waking up and smelling the coffee now that the wedding looms closer? Or is it you getting standard pre-wedding jitters, to-suit, exaggerating her faults and behaviour (or talking about them as if they're still ongoing rather than contained only to the first, few, bumpy months) in order to justify to yourself why you're feeling so disconcertingly and confusingly panicky?

For example: You *didn't* break-up, as you choose to put it. If you had, you'd never have seen each other again and you wouldn't be posting right now (er, he-llooo?). You together experienced an impasse as briefly resulted in the pair of you 'running away' and taking a breather before resuming normal play.

Cold Feet because you and she are (still to this day) pants together or Cold Feet because you're not ready to tie the knot with anyone just yet?

PS: "Mum, I need your help and advice over something if you've got a minute, please?" (- surely?)

Need help please !!!

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After reading this I feel like you answered your own question. It sounds like a toxic relationship. Stop wasting your time and move on.

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