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Can I handle this job?

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Ok so I am 28 married with 2 children (8 and 14m). I have been at home for almost 2 years and am looking for a job now. I have always worked in sales and done quiet well but due to major dental issues that is not an option right now. Because of this, I have only applied for jobs that would have me out of the public arena ( factories, prisons, etc). I am only trying for these jobs because they offer the pay and benefits I would need to get the dental work I done. I was recently contacted by a prison to come in for an interview.... which I was really only looking at as a last resort. I don't feel like I am well suited for this job at all but the pay is more than double the minimum wage and the benefits are awesome. I am a very happy and nice person and never been in trouble or associated with ppl who for had things and I'm afraid I'm going to throw myself into the shark tank by taking the position, which I'm sure I will get..... this is a private prison so the requirements are lower than state and they hire just about anyone and turnover is crazy high. My husband is of course completely against it but with what he makes we barely make it and this could change our lives for the better.... I wouldn't be ashamed of my appearance anymore and get back into a job where I excel and make tons of money. I'm not looking at this as a career change but more as a home when I deal with something I hate to get what I need. Am I making the wrong choice by taking this if I'm offered a position? And yes I have already checked into Medicaid.... I live in a state that did not expand theirMedicaid but gives ppl the option of having no insurance without incurring a penalty and there is no free clinic that o can go to. I have also checked into dental colleges but even at the discounted rate it will still cost upwards of $2000. In my mind I have no other option but to do this but an I going to put myself in danger?

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