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He is my friend but I started liking him T.T

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I met him in a school competition for badminton. At first I thought he was gay because of the way he moved. Then weeks later i saw him at the bus stop from where i ride the bus home. I was shocked when i saw him. We talked and talked and didnt get bored talking to each other. We joked around and laughed till we felt our cheeks hurting. That's when our friendship started. From that day onward we kept on chatting with each other on Facebook.Tease each other, joke around, be honest with each other and listen to each other's opinion. I felt a warmth from a friend. Then one day we had a conversation about movies. Somehow we came to a topic on the movie 'The Scorch Trials'. I told him that i haven't watched it, then he surprisingly said that he has a discount card for the movies for two people for the price of $23 for 2. Of course i was up for it. Then i realised that i dont even have the money since i was broke at that time. I told him that i would no longer be able to go then all of a sudden he told me that i am sussed because he'll pay for me. The day came, i was so excited. We watched the amazing movie but there was something in the air that made me blush a little. I think that was the time I officially admitted to myself that yeah i guess i like him a bit. After the movie he asked me where we should eat. i told him that anywhere is fine, it's up to him, i dont mind. So he brought me to this waffle place which i am pretty sure is an expensive place. He told me to choose what i want and of course i was very shocked because i wasnt expecting him to pay for my all! We had a wonderful time together. And as i walked next to him i felt my heart flutter and felt my cheeks and ears heating up. That's when i fell for him. He would always touch my hair while we walk. It was home time so he rode the same bus as me since we were going to the same direction. I got home and i received a message from him, "When i got off the bus I told you to message me when you get home safely". After reading that message i fell more. Our daily lives carried on, we chatted every single day which i dont honestly do with my other friends. We never really saw each other after that day but we carried on on chatting with each other. We became closer. Then somehow i noticed a pattern when we message each other. I would message him but he would reply minutes and even hours after i do. I dont really know who started it and if he did, why would he do that. There are days that makes me think that he likes me but there are days that i think he only thinks of me as a friend. Im very confused. I dont really know what to do. There are those times that i would keep on waiting for his messages to come by and there are those days that i would keep on checking my facebook instead of concentrating on reviewing for my exams. There are times like right now, wheer i am tired of waiting, tired of thinking, tired of missing him...and just tired. I dont know if i should stop my feelings and how would i do that. I even pretend too that i only see him as a friend so that he wouldnt think that i am easy to get or something...I am very confused.

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