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Need advice for marriage

I have been married to my husband for 18 years. During that time, he has been diagnosed with diabetes, and has been involved in a really bad auto accident (he was hit by a drunk driver) that really messed up his back. On top of that, he is under a lot of stress at work. Long story short, he is constantly in pain (from the car wreck and probably diabetic nerve pain), and is unable to perform in bed. I have communicated to him that there are other ways to connect in the bedroom other than the conventional way, and that's all I'm going to say about that. We have had some fun, but the problem is that he is always in pain. I don't get time with him often, but we have decided that Sunday nights he is most rested and can give me a little more attention. I'm not asking for action, but he knows I won't push him away. I'm always ready for that. Just want more cuddling, pillow talk, etc. I think he gets frustrated with me for needing this from him, but I need a connection with him more than

Need advice for marriage

This sounds like this could be very emotionally draining for you. I think as a woman I can relate to some of this. I am so sorry to hear about ur husband accident and health. This must be hard for him. We all need attention affection and love and need intimacy. We all need to be touched and to have that connection with our partener. The good thing I see is that you two seem to have alot and good communication about your needs witch is a very critical thing in any relationship. I to feel like I don't get enough physical intimacy or attention in my relationship so I understand how hard it is not to have that. It can be very emotionally draining. I think the only thing u can do is be understanding that he is in pain and about his health issues and to talk openly about how u can get your needs met.

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