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Best friend crush

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Relationship advice To start this off, I am I highschool (guy)student just so whoever is reading can maybe help.
Last year I met this girl and soon fell in love with her. I wasn't allowed to date so I figured I'd tell her once I was. I soon became her best friend which didn't help much. 2 boy friends later and a while to get over them we had a big band trip to San Francisco to perform at a festival. We had some free time there and I told her I had a crush on her. She reciprocated and we had a flirtation ship for awhile. I still wasn't allowed to date so I didn't ask her out. A month later we had a fight and things got awkward. Fast forward to this year. We were in the same boat as last year. I told her I liked her again and she reciprocated. But now someone thought we were a couple and it made my friend kinda upset. I asked her about it later and said well we kinda are right. We got in this big fight (with words) where she said she wanted to "preserve out friendship" (she said that right before she started dating both guys she had). I tried to respect her feelings and then asked for some space. We had a football game the next day and as we are in band we had to go. Even though I had asked for some space she kept playing with my hair hugging me and other displays of affection. I asked her to stop and referenced to the fight about her saying sorry if she was leading me on. She got all upset and asked if I was mad. To which I said no, it's something else. The next day (yesterday) she sent me a text about some new song. It pissed me off so I opened it (so it would send a read message) and blocked her on social media and phone.

Since our fight every song has been about her and eveything reminds me of her and it hurts like hell. Since we're best friends at school tomorrow if I hang out with the people I normally do she'll be there. I don't want to be a jerk and end our friendship but I also don't want to hurt every time I see her. We hang out with the same people so I can't really ask them to pick sides so I can't talk to many people to ask for advice so can somebody please offer some besides the normal "if you/her truly love one another...." It would mean the world to me. Thanks.

Best friend crush

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No need to require friends to choose sides. This is between you and her. Make sure your friends know that.

Gee, you two do a lot of push and pull . . .

She seems frustrated. Both of you have professed your feelings, yet you are not able to be together. Are you allowed to date now? If not, then can you arrange for group activities (outside band) where you can at least spend some time together. Surely, your parents won't mind if you spend time with her, like at a coffee shop or daytime show group of friends. (I suspect they are afraid of you being alone with her or your grades suffering because of her)

This may be a case of just wrong timing. You need to decide if you even CAN put effort into developing this relationship or not.

What are your ages?

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