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Wife's friendship

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I had found my wife texting her ex Co-Worker who is a guy. She used to sent messages as SMS, WhatsApp and FB Messenger. Number she uses is a combo number of my number and hence its bill used to come to my mail id. I noticed that these messages were sent on days when I am not in station. Also messages are deleted so don't have any clue of the discussion.

I discussed with her openly and she messaged that guy not to sent any more messages as I dislike. With her permission I have blocked him on FB and WhatsApp. Also in Phone I added him to reject list. So far every thing is going fine.

Can I trust on the present scenario or should be cautious? Your Opinion Please...

Wife's friendship

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"I notice these messages were sent on days when I am not in station" appears deliberately planned to me.

Did she explain the nature of his calls/texts? Why did she feel the need to delete his messages?

I would be cautious. Calling/texting her at her job is still possible . I believe that there is an APP that can retrieve deleted messages-( I just don't know the name of the APP). I've always believed that if people want to get together they will find a way.

Hopefully you've made it clear to her that all communication with this guy will cease.

Good Luck

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