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Problems after engagement

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on Nov 25 2015 at 17:31
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Relationship advice I am newly engaged to a guy.Its an arranged one by our family.Problem is i had a past in which i had a sexual relationship.While first meeting basis with this new guy i did mentioned about my past with a given limit that i havent crossed my limits and all...that because i cant specify all details at that meeting.That time he said yes confirming that he is ok with all this and i asked him no to talk about past in future now. Its been 3 months and he asks me for my virginity now.i am so pissed off and instead of controlling the situation i got angry for asking that question and at the end i said no am not virgin.His last words were " i wont talk to you anymore" .Now i did talk about this to my family as the matter was going out of my hands and i even got to know he talked about this stuff in his family.But i personally need an advice that i m a modern girl with open thoughts and fun lifestyle whereas hes total opposite.And i get this how conservative he is.what shall i do?

Problems after engagement

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on Nov 25 2015 at 17:49
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What do you mean by "not crossing your limits"

When you say he asked you for your virginity does that mean he wants proof that your are a virgin? If so how is this done? or does he want to have sex?

Problems after engagement

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on Nov 25 2015 at 20:05
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"i'm a modern girl with open thoughts and fun lifestyle whereas hes total opposite"

Be glad that you are free from this arranged marriage. You would have been miserable.

Tell anyone who "arranges" another marriage to find you an "open, modern man.'

Problems after engagement

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on Nov 29 2015 at 20:14
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Well i think u r an asian/middle east or somewhere close to that?

No u shudnt have told abt ur past to him in the fst instant becos men are men they want a wife of clean past .and if he asked abt virginity u could have said yes i am .. Later even if he found out u could make an excuse that i was an athelte in colg running etc may hav caused such changes

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